Top Semence

TOP Semence evolved from the union of men with an exceptional terrain and an understanding of the soil, water and sun.
With more than 50 years of experience in seed production, this Union of Cooperatives focuses its knowledge on total quality for all the European markets.

TOP Semence, Union of Cooperatives

TOP Semence, chick-pea and garlic breeder.

TOP Semence : seeds producer

Productions TOP Semence : 4 200 hectares of self pollinated, hybrids seeds and bulbs
In 2008, nearly 1 000 contracts with 400 producers.
A production and marketing activity carried out by 80 seed professional people.

TOP Semence, a ten hectares site which includes the whole process of seed industry.
10 000 tons of storage capacity in cells and containers.
2 500 m2 of pallets storage and fridge.

TOP Semence : Total Quality Goal

Iso 9001All the production activity from field control to marketing is ISO 9001 certified (Certificat n°FR03/0063QU).

TOP Semence owns a laboratory and the SOC (Official Service of Control) agreement for the seeds analyses and certification.

TOP Semence : services - offers

Competence and market involvement allow TOP Semence to understand completely your requirements of production.